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About Christine

Prominent Connecticut Professional Organizer Christine Landino, MSW, MPH owner of An Orderly Space brings expertise, talent, and skills to the organizing profession. Her unique background in clinical social work provides a framework for addressing the root causes of disorganization; giving the client the tools they need to finally get organized, manage a busy household, or run their business efficiently.

Christine specializes in professional organizing services for home and office, time management coaching, space efficiency techniques, staging/downsizing, plus innovative workshops and lecture presentations. As a clinical social worker, Christine works with individuals who have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and those who are chronically disorganized.

Christine and her company work with clients to implement organizing systems and solutions that are specifically geared to individual clients and situations, with the end result being reduced stress, increased productivity, freedom from chaos and frustration, renewed control over surroundings and space.