For The Home

General Decluttering  
Do you ever feel there isn’t a place for things and when you try and find what you need you can’t! Then getting your home organized will erase these moments and give you a newfound sense of control over your space. Go from chaos to calm with An Orderly Space. We can teach you:

Space Efficiency  
Utilize your space to maximize function and order  
Time Management  
Tips and tools for maintaining an organized house  
Keep or Toss  
Learn tips on strategizing what you need, what to save or toss, and where to donate  
Where do I start  
Let An Orderly Space develop a needs assessment with you to get you on your way to being organized.  
Learn routines and time management strategies you can teach your toddlers and kids so they can be more organized with their toys and playrooms.  
An Orderly Space can help you:  

» Reduce stress and chaos for busy families
» Collect, enjoy, and store kid’s memorabilia and artwork
» Develop a homework center
» Organize kid’s rooms and playrooms- and get them excited about organizing!!!
» Take control of your paper piles: Time and Paper Management for the Busy Mom » Control the toy mountain in your home
» Organize closet clutter and hand me downs
» De-Clutter and efficiency techniques