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“It was such a pleasure working with Chrissy to help me organize my office space. I work a full-time job at home and I also run a direct sales business. I am extremely busy and like to work fast and efficiently. Chrissy did a thorough assessment of my lifestyle, work habits and living space and then provided me with a plan to help me maximize not only my work space but my time as well.

She is extremely knowledgeable and brings a very interesting mix of natural ability and training to her organizing work. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chrissy and even today, some 3 years later, I use the layout she provided and the time management skills she taught me. I have a written plan from her so I can always revisit her suggestions. All I can say is she is worth every penny she charges and then some! Organizing with Chrissy is not just painless….it’s actually fun!”

Janice O. West Hartford, CT

“Thanks to Christine of An Orderly Space, I can proudly say I am a recovering disorganized attorney. After reaching the point where the piles of files and stacks of papers were so overwhelming that I didn’t have a clear space on my desk, I knew I needed to get organized. However, even figuring out where to start seemed impossible. Where should I put things I needed to keep? Even if I get this all sorted out and organized, what systems should I use to keep it that way? Add the complexity of being an adult with ADD and the job seemed insurmountable.

I started looking for help–a professional organizer! I contacted and met with a few and chose Christine. It was the one of the best decisions I have ever made. Christine came in, surveyed the situation and rather than telling me how to organize things her way, she started asking questions and probing me for facts about my business, how does the work flow, what are the distractions, how do I schedule my time, what works and what doesn’t? Before long, Christine had a plan. Soon my desk was cleared, a filing system that I was comfortable with was developed, we even made changes to how I structured my time and managed my paper flow. The best part is, it is now several months later and the systems are still working and my desk is still organized. I can’t thank Christine enough. “


Relators and Moving
“When we needed to de-clutter and stage our house for moving, Chrissy at Orderly Space team was the perfect answer. Her professionalism, patience and innovative ideas revealed our home as we wanted it to be presented. My husband and I were very pleased with the results and have recommended her services.”
Eileen D.

“From the moment she entered my home, I knew I was in capable hands. Christine worked tirelessly and with great care and efficiency to ensure my move was smooth and stress free. She contributed to an atmosphere of calm, organized efficiency. I hope not move again for many years, but if I do, I won’t be doing it without Christine!”
Heather T.

“We hired An Orderly Space because we were drowning in chaos with 4 kids under the age of six! Christine at An Orderly Space not only de-cluttered our home but gave us strategies and systems that three years later keeps us organized and efficient. Christine was a life saver for our family! We love our home now and have the time to enjoy it with our children.”
Laura – Homeowner