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Time Management/ De-Cluttering
Organization and Time Management go hand in hand. We often AVOID the piles or the clutter and then work our everyday life around it. There is the natural human tendency to not tackle things we are avoiding so we busy ourselves with so called “busy work” or even other

Portrait of a young businessman looking at papers spread out on the floor

tasks that maybe aren’t as important. As a result we fall short on achieving our goals or resolving things that are stressing us out.
We have never really been taught to think about our work before we do it. There is an inverse proportion between what is going on in our mind versus what we want to accomplish. The key is to get everything out of our minds and to sweat the small stuff- to have a place and a time for addressing daily and future tasks.
Narrowing down and taking the “avoidance” out of paperwork will enable you to work more efficiently. A good file system is thoughtless, meaning it is obvious what categories papers are in as well as where papers should be filed. Again, simplicity is the key. Remember 80 percent of everything we file, we will never look at again; it’s knowing what the 20 percent is that gets tricky.

Benefits of hiring An Orderly Space

» Reduce stress
» More control over finances
» Feeling in control of paper
» Less avoidance
» Increased time
» Increased Self-Esteem

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